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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear brothers and sisters,
Thank you very much for visiting LearnArabic.info. I (the admin of LearnArabic.info) do not speak Arabic, but I want to learn this Al Quran language. I found a very good video course delivered in English to learn Arabic Language which have no copyrights,  freely available to share for non commercials purposes. The original videos were published by LQToronto.com. based on Durusul Lughatul 'Arabiyah Li Ghairi Annathiqiyna Biha book written by Syaikh Doctor V. Abdur Rahim and the course was taught by brother Asif Meher Ali.  When I downloaded, most of the videos I found were splitted into 3 or 4 parts. I had re-uploaded the joined videos (full lessons) to Youtube to share for everyone. However, I found it is quite difficult to navigate each lesson, even though there is functionality such as PLAYLIST. Hence, I decided to compile the videos I had uploaded into http://learnarabiccourse.blogspot.com, which is also free. Alhamdulillah, eventually at the same day I also found LearnArabic.info domain was available at quite cheap cost so I can use it for customizing the blogspot address for easier to remember. This is my fii sabilillah project to facilitate my muslims brothers and sisters to study Arabic language, however you can support me by spreading this blog to your friends who want to learn Arabic, give supporting comments, du'a :).

Please also do not forget also Dr. V Abdur Rahim and Bro Asif Meherali in your dua for their amal jariyah teaching the language of Al Quran.

The true perfection is belong to Allah. If you find any mistake for the video sequence, incorrect/repeated videos, please let me know by leaving comment on the related post.

You can reach me by email : info [at] learnarabic [dot] com

Jazakumullah khairan katsiira

Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

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26 komentar:

  1. Dear Brother,
    May Allah reward you here and in Aqirah.
    Jazakallah Khayran for taking the efforts.

    Beleive me, I downloaded the videos from LQToronto long time back, but was lazy to join them and slowly discontinued watching them due to those break-ups with video names (part1, book1).Pray me for me, so that I can learn Arabic and understand Quraan better and not fall into the traps of Shaitaan or being lazy.

    Let me know if I can be of any help.

    Many Many thanks.

  2. jazaakum Allaah khayran kathyran mubaarakan fyh. Wa ja3alakum mimman radiya 3anhum wa raduu 3anh. Best wishes.

  3. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته.In the second book.There is and example where it says:المسجد الذي في حينا ذو منارة واحدة
    But there is a ruling that if the اسم /noun is feminine you should make ذو to ذات like in this case of this sentence I mentioned with word-منارة in it.As you notice التاء/ة gives you a sign that its feminine but ذو is put there instead of ذات.And if it's an exception than why would واحد became واحدة following the gender of منارة.I think this is a mistake.And also you don't have this example in solution,book 2.Please someone try to give me answer.

    1. dzuu is refer to al-masjidu which is mudzakkar. dzuu is khabar and follows mubtada' gender.

  4. Assalamu'alaikum Brother,

    Great word on Learn Arabic, I read all given link on your blog, This is really very interesting and lovable topic.Thank you for giving such types information to us. I just love to gather this types of information. Tayseerulquran Online Institute is also best institution for learn Arabic through online. If you are interested to learn more thing about Arabic , then go through this sites: www.tayseerulquran.com
    Email: info@tayseerulquran.com

  5. Asalamu alaikum. Jazakumullah khair for your efforts. I found your site on Google and never thought I'd be able to do it. Al hamdu lilaahi azza wa jall I have completed book 1 and am now starting book 2 soon. My duas for you all from the bottom of my heart. Allah bless you

  6. could you please send me the workbook set to follow the courses inshaAllah {paulino Abdul matin toscano, 8626 eden valley,dallas,tx 75217

  7. السلام عليكم
    U have done a great job and may allah bless u in this world and here after.
    Can u tell me how can i get these books so that i could learn more easily

    My id:faizanurrab22@gmail.con

    Thank you

  8. Assalamu'alaikum, jazakumullahu khair for making this possible. I always wanted to learn the language of Qur'an and understand what I read but there was always some challenge. So this is great that I can study online at my own pace alhamdulillah.

    Thanks to my niece who found your site. She went to Mid East for Islamic Studies and says the curriculum is similar.

    I am at Lesson 11. Can you please specify from which download/page you are reading so online viewers can follow. The dots on the board are also barely visible from far. Bear in mind the view is not the same as the classroom.

    May Allah reward you immensely for your great work. Shukran wa salam.

  9. Iqba
    Can any one give me the addess that Book 1, 2 and 3,.thank you.
    my ID: wasimmiqbal@yahoo.com

  10. You can learn a lot about arabic language from the internet itself. Search through the internet for interactive learning of arabic courses. Reading arabic newspapers is also considered a very efficient way to learn arabic language.

  11. Assalam alaikum,

    I am very grateful that you have created this website and made it possible for so many people to learn Quranic Arabic. Thank you and may Allah bless your work.
    I have just finished Book 1 and started Book2. I have downloaded the text book, hand outs and solutions but am unable to download the English Key. Can you please look into the matter and suggest what I should do to be able to down load it.
    Thank you

  12. Assalam alaikum,

    I just want you to know that you Bookll English Key and Book lll text book links are not working.

  13. As salaam aleykum i just wanted to send my salams to the whole team, to the student and especially to our dear ustadh. I have just finished book 2 and i will start soon book 3 insha Allah. Could you please thank the ustadh on my behalf and tell hi that he is in my du'a,

  14. assalaam may allah grant u and brother asif maherali and the shaikh v abdur rahman

  15. Salamu 3aleykum,

    I am learning from the Videos of Brother Asif and wonder what Brother Asif´s Biography is? Where did he learn arabic and who were his teachers? Had he learned from V. Abdur Rahim personaly?

    Thanks to you Akhi.

    Barak Allahu feekum.

    As Salamu 3aleykum

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I have just started the book one and hoping to complete the three books in due course insha Allah. I chose to be 'Parwana' not the lazy 'Machar' in my approach.
    Many more DU'AS and THANKS to Brother Asif Meherali and his mentor Dr. AbdurRahim, may the almighty Allah reward and blesses them in his own way.

  18. Please, can anyone send me a Zipped file of the whole work. Thanks

  19. Please, can anyone send me a Zipped file of the whole work. Thanks

  20. wa alaikum asslaam warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

    wa alaikum asslaam warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

  21. Where will I get the notes or hand books of brother asif meherali which he refers to students in his class. Workbook etc


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