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IQRA' Book 1 [videos] ~ The Quick Method of Learning to Read Al Quran

As arabic basic literacy is one of the requirement to learn Madina Arabic Book, we organized and embedded IQRA teaching videos in our site available on Youtube . 

This post consists videos of Iqra Vol 1. Iqra is a quick method to read Alquran developed by Ustadz As'ad Humam from Yogyakarta Indonesia and widely use in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunai and other South East Asia region. The videos are delivered in Bahasa Melayu, but I think easy to follow for non Malay/Indonesian. The important things is how to read the letters correctly. There is six books of IQRA'. This playlist is for book 1. 

Iqra' method emphasis the teaching of reading Al-Qur'an through the phonic method as how Jibril thought Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam to read Al-Quran and Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam later thought his family and companions the same method in reading Al Quran. This method was known as "Talaqqie Musyafahah" which will help children age from four to seven years old reading Al Quran in a short period of time excellently.

Note : Learn IQRA with guidance from a qualified teacher directly is the best way to correct possible wrong reading.

Video#1 IQRA Page 1 to 3

Guide : Read directly such as : A - Ba. Do not need to analyze/spell. Read with short voice (without elongation)

Video#2 IQRA 1 Page 4 to 6

Video#3IQRA 1 Page 7 to 9

Video#4 IQRA 1 Page 10 to 11

Video#5 IQRA 1 Page 12 - 14

Video#6 IQRA 1 Page 15 - 17

Video#7 IQRA 1 Page 18 - 20

Video#8 IQRA 1 Page 21 - 22

Video#9 IQRA 1 Page 23 - 25

Video#10 IQRA 1 Page 26 - 27

Video#11 IQRA 1 Page 28 - 29

Video#12 IQRA 1 Page 30 - 31

Credits : https://www.youtube.com/user/belajaralquran

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